How to Choose the Best Cruise Ship for You


Have you started feeling overwhelmed about planning your cruise because you can’t decide which type of cruise is best for you? Or has the thought of choosing the wrong cruise left you feeling stuck?

I've worked with others just like you and helped them narrow down their list by asking the right questions which guides them to the style of cruising they'd enjoy.

This post describes the four main styles of cruising so you can discover the option that appeals to you the most!  

River Ships

River Ships give you the chance to enjoy the ever-changing scenery along the calm rivers of America, Europe, Asia, and Egypt. You'll wake up each morning to a new port, often with excursions already included in your fare. Emphasis is placed heavily on the ports of call, not the ship itself meaning entertainment and dining options are minimal. So make sure you choose an itinerary with ports you'll really enjoy. This style ship is an excellent choice for history and culture seekers. Most river ships carry around 200 guests. 

Ocean Ships

Ocean Ships come in a wide variety of sizes and each ship offers a unique atmosphere of its own. Besides enjoying the destinations you'll cruise to, you'll find ships with waterslides, children's programming, laser tag, go-cart racing, and escape rooms. Plus you'll also enjoy multiple dining venues, entertainment, fitness, spa facilities, and casino gaming on select ships. In fact, because of the wide range of options and activities, ocean ships are the ideal choice for multi-generational families with young children and large groups cruising together. Small ocean ships typically carry between 300 - 1,200 guests, while the larger ships can carry over 5,500 guests!

Yacht & Sail Ships

Yacht & Sail Ships allow you to get closer to many popular cruising destinations but without large crowds and long lines.  These ships tend to visit ports larger ocean ships simply cannot due to their size and many itineraries also allow you to stay in port longer. If you are looking for the perfect cruise for a romantic island hopping honeymoon or anniversary with the added appeal of unpacking just once then yacht & sail ships are for you! These style ships are also a great option for private special event and meeting charters; most ships carry between 100 - 300 guests.

Adventure (Expedition) Ships

Adventure Ships ( also called Expedition Ships) offer exotic itineraries appealing to those looking for a more in-depth "participant" style of cruising providing a unique opportunity for hands-on Learning. Antarctica, the Galapagos Islands, and other National Geographic worthy destinations are well within reach on these ships. The smallest of the small, most carrying around 50 guests or Less.

If you're still feeling unsure about deciding which style is best for you? You’ve come to the right place, I can help match you to the ship and itinerary that meets your budget and priorities.

My mission is to help you design a cruising experience unique to your style and interests, without the hassle, frustration, and time-sucking task of navigating through all the details yourself.

There's no need to feel "lost at sea" planning and if you'd like some guidance planning your cruise the next best step would be to contact me for a complimentary consultation.

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