FAQ Friday: Should I Plan My Own Cruise?


So you've finally decided to take your first cruise, but does it feel like your research is just leading to more questions instead of answers?

When planning a cruise for the first time the number of choices and decision making can often leave potential cruisers feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and confused. Don't get me wrong it's not that you can't book your own cruise, it's pretty easy to do so online, but if any of the items listed below begin causing confusion and uncertainty, you may want to strongly consider hiring a cruise advisor (like myself) to guide you through the planning process:

  • Knowing what is (and isn't) truly included in the price.
  • Which category, stateroom, and deck would work best for you.
  • Understanding the ships dress code guidelines and how closely they have to be followed.
  • Knowing what to do at the ports of call or if these are even destinations you'd enjoy.

As a cruise advisor, I apply my expertise, training, and exclusive travel benefits to every itinerary and I know how to get the best value for your money thanks to my global connections. 

My mission is to help you design a cruising experience unique to your style and interests, without the hassle, frustration, and time-sucking task of navigating through all the details yourself.

So if you'd prefer a cruise planning experience that leaves you feeling like:

  • You're creating a personally crafted itinerary, beyond what mass-market suppliers and large companies can offer (because I can help you arrange all the details not only the cruising portion).
  • You're getting the very best value based on your needs and budget. Also, you'll know what to expect financially, so there are no big surprises when traveling.
  • You’ll be prioritized as my guest, not just another booking number (also you're calling me, not a 1-800 number, so no waiting on hold forever with a reservation agent).
  • You're not left alone IF something goes wrong while traveling.

There's no need to feel "lost at sea" planning and if you'd like some guidance planning your first cruise the next best step would be to contact me for a complimentary consultation.

This free, no-obligation call gives us a chance to connect voice-to-voice, rather than just via the Internet. This is primarily a getting-to-know-each-other call and at the end of the call, we will both have a good idea of whether or not I’m the right person to assist in your cruise planning.

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About The Author

Jennifer Puga is an innovative and gifted Virtuoso® Travel Advisor who specializes in luxury cruise planning for couples, groups, multi-generational families, as well as designing tailor-made pilgrimage experiences in the Holy Land of Israel. Contact her here to learn more about planning your cruise vacation.