3 Great Reasons to Work With a Travel Advisor


Cruise planning is definitely not rocket science. We are constantly inundated with advertising geared towards tools, websites, products, and services that will make planning quick and easy. I also understand that I'm not the right cruise advisor for everyone.

In fact, the clients who benefit the most from my services tend to be those:

  • Who are new to cruising in general.
  • Interested in trying a different style of cruising (i.e. small ship cruising) or experiencing a unique cruising destination where planning tends to be complex (i.e. taking a cruise to Israel).
  • Those who don't have adequate time to plan their perfect cruise.
  • And lastly, those who need help planning a group cruise and don't want the burden of handling all the details themselves.

I’m the first to tell someone there’s nothing wrong with planning your own cruise, but choosing the right advisor who’s specialized in the product(s) and/or destination(s) you’d like to experience can enhance your overall cruise. A good advisor will listen to you and collaborate with you, not try to control your decisions.

Beyond their level of expertise, here are 3 simple "P’s" as to why you should consider working with a professional travel advisor like myself:

#1 PERKS For us it's about connecting you to our deep connections within the travel industry so your experience is seamless and fulfilling. This may include something like receiving an accommodation upgrade or special amenities simply because you’ve chosen to work with an advisor. Or maybe it's a one-of-a-kind promotion that only we have access to. We use these items to enhance our client's experience, we enjoy surprising and delighting by giving them access to these benefits.

#2 PROTECTION Travel is a significant investment and to risk losing it all because you didn’t have the right travel protection is a scary thought. And I’m not just talking travel insurance, who will you call if you have a major issue while traveling? What about well after your back home? A good travel advisor is there for your before, during, and after your trip.

#3 PROMOTIONS Clearly everyone likes to save money, but if you don’t have a good grasp of whether that deal your seeing is a good bet, an advisor can help you with this. We are constantly informed about industry sales and promotions, and aware of seasonality which helps us guide you in the right time to book your travel so you get the most value for your investment.

Lastly, I’d like to add why it's important to work specifically with a Virtuoso® Advisor like myself.

"Virtuoso® is a network of the best luxury travel agencies, with more than 15,200 advisors worldwide. We represent the best of the best in travel, with a portfolio of nearly 1,700 preferred partners - top hotels, cruise lines, tour operators, and more. We use our global connections to plan the most memorable experiences for our clients."

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About The Author

Jennifer Puga is an innovative and gifted Virtuoso® travel advisor who specializes in luxury cruise planning for couples, groups, multi-generational families, as well as designing tailor-made pilgrimage experiences in the Holy Land of Israel. Contact her here to learn more about planning your cruise vacation.