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Jennifer Puga, President & CEO

For me, being a travel advisor is a natural outpouring of practically mixing good listening and great planning. Translating what I hear and organizing details into clear inspiration, guidance, and solutions for fulfilling travel experiences.

Based on my expertise, my goal is to help alleviate the overwhelming nature, frustration, and the time required of travel planning by offering the winning combination of well-thought-through recommendations and solutions to give you a memorable trip experience.

My primary specializations are: cruise vacation planning for couples, groups, multi-generational families, and designing tailor-made pilgrimage experiences in the Holy Land of Israel.

"Everything was amazing and seamless.  We never waited in a line, we had everything we needed for a smooth vacation.  There were no hiccups, everything booked was flawless.  All we had to do was show up..." - G. Jones 

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